Andrea Dinamarco

Andrea Dinamarco

Current Company     SxC - Social Exchange 

                      Role     Designer


Describe yourself

Yo, this isn't a poem. This is a rap.
I'm no student, I hussle full-time
finance lawya, corporate soldya,
but I gotta empire state of mind.

Flyin high and worldwide, Mileage Plus curbside,
Got friends in London, China, and Dubai
Sitting on 30 Rock sipping Mai Tais

So many hook-ups, amigos, amigos
Brazilian models, G3 planes and Meatpacking bottles
Thank you to the Lord!
Pay a visit to the Hallmark store
But no real way to return the fav

It's time to create
a venture to capture
a way to say, thanks
and to ask again lata
for that fly ride, Thai cook night, drinks all night.

I want to breakaway, no more corporate slave.
So, I join my best friend Meng
and our hipster friend Shay-nay
To try somethin cray cray
and make some money
through a social exchange.


Reason here:   Build a company

I am interested in NUvention Web

I am interested in pursuing a startup While in school


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