Brian Burkhart

Brian Burkhart


It is said that every person is given a special gift—a unique skill that very few others have. There is no doubt about it, Brian Burkhart’s gift is the ability to engage people, bond with an audience and create presentations that move others to act. As long as anyone can remember, Brian hasn’t met a microphone that he didn’t like.

Over the years, the old dog has learned some new tricks to become a recognized expert in communications. Working with clients including GMAC, ACNielsen, P&G, Transamerica Retirement Services, Microsoft, E*Trade, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, Redbox, Coca-Cola, Wendy’s, Gartner, ATKearney, Sprint, Morton Salt, American Heart Association, American Egg Board, Make-A-Wish Foundation and more, Brian has helped these giants tell their unique stories with impact.

Understanding audiences is essential to a communicator, and Brian is a student of the world. He’s gained an amazing amount of information during trips to India’s Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, Hong Kong Harbor, the bottom of the Grand Canyon and many more. These rich and diverse experiences have allowed for a greater understanding of audiences and corresponding message development.

An experienced corporate game-show host for McDonald’s and USBank, Brian is also the former pilot of the “Nautilus” the submarine ride that once cruised the rough seas of Walt Disney World’s “FantasyLand.” A frequent speaker, Brian has guest lectured at hundreds of universities, corporations and associations.

Brian founded SquarePlanet alongside his friend of over 35 years, Doug Carter. At the age of 10, in the fifth grade at Oak Ridge Elementary School, Brian ran for Student Council president. He enlisted the help of the school’s best artist, Doug. They teamed up then for a landslide victory and have continued that effort for their clients today. And, they still believe chocolate milk should be an everyday occurrence.

A graduate of Indiana University’s Political Science and Communications programs, as well as the University of Chicago Entrepreneurial Program, Brian is also an active participant in the National Speakers Association’s “Speaker University.” Currently living in downtown Chicago, and obsessed with his beloved Chicago Bears, Brian and his wife Shawna are continually thankful for all the amazing experiences they’ve enjoyed and the promise of many more.



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