Javier Alegria Motte

Javier Alegria Motte


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I am a second year student at the Kellogg School of Management. Prior to coming to Kellogg, I spent several years in Corporate & Investment Banking, where I worked in teams to structure and execute capital market and lending financial transactions for corporate clients. Moreover, during the last 8 months I worked as relationship manager in charge of an important client portfolio. I have:

• Solid Analytical and Credit Assessment Capabilities: Within many projects, I focused on complex risk assessment, valuation, and financial modeling for corporate clients across diverse industries.

• Extensive Due Diligence and Negotiation Experience: As an associate, I coordinated several business and legal due diligence processes. I also led the negotiation of varied documentation, including mandate letters, credit and guaranty agreements.

• Proven Relationship Management Ability: As relationship manager, I built lasting relations with clients by focusing on their needs, and often led formal meetings with management teams and senior executives.

• Ample Project Leadership and Teamwork Skills: I have led teams of investment banking analysts in the execution of several financial transactions, in which I was the linchpin among the different parties (executives, bankers, legal counsels, among others).


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I am interested in pursuing a startup After school


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