Jim Yuan

Jim Yuan

  F*ck You I'm Right
  Moving Out, Moving In (MOMI)

Current Company     F*ck You I'm Right 

                      Role     Business Person


Describe yourself

My name is Jim Yuan, a 2nd year Kellogg student, and I am working in a team with Steven (Tsz Chung) To to start 'Move In Move Out' (one of the tentative names), a environmental sustainable service that collects items when students move out of campus, repackages them, and re-sells them to students who move onto campus. Besides building the service business, I also hope to learn more about the process of startup incubation. Skills I bring include market research, business strategy, Matlab, C++, and very basic HTML, CSS, and PHP.


Reason here:   Just learn the process

I am interested in pursuing a startup While in school


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