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Johnathan Strott

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After graduating from Emory University with a B.A. in Psychology, I was accepted into Teach For America (TFA), through which I was place in Las Vegas, NV, teaching 7th grade science. It was by far the most meaningful and challenging experience I have ever had in my life, and is the driving force behind my current pursuit of an MBA.

Through TFA, I developed the skills necessary to approach teaching as leadership. Each year, I set a vision for my class, analyzed initial student data to create an ambitious (yet measurable) growth goal for my students, and developed a year long plan for reaching that goal. Formative data was collected throughout the year, and adjustments were made as needed to constantly improve our progress. Innovation and creative solutions were essential in trying to meet the diverse needs of my near 150 students. I initiated a school-wide points system to improve school culture amongst the student body (think Harry Potter house points, and you'll get the idea), and jumped on any opportunity to use technology to create new solutions for old problems (such as a Smart-board Excel system to award students "dollars" in real time in response to classroom behaviors).

In addition to teaching, I collaborated with managers from Caesars Entertainment Corporation for their Rising Stars consulting challenge, led other science teachers as a Content Team Leader, and managed the operations of a summer school site as School Operations Manager. These opportunities have given me experience managing my peers, working on a close team with a tight schedule, and coordinating various individuals across organizations to reach a common goal. Moving forward, I would like to leverage these varied skills to start an organization that utilizes effective business practices for societal benefit.


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