Josh Elkin

Josh Elkin


Current Company     Wedever 

                      Role     Hacker


Describe yourself

I grew up in NYC, where I had a love of entrepreneurship at a young age - beginning as a lemonade salesman on the upper west side at the tender age of nine.

By age 12 I was running raffles to raise money for aids research.

In college at Wash U I began as a Computer Science major. I loved the creativity and fun involved in building programs. It was exhilarating.

Somewhere in there I lost my way, and became interested in economics, politics, business, and finance. The nerdy programmer inside me never left, but he went into hiding.

Now at Kellogg, I have reacquanted with the nerdy programmer inside. I have started taking a web development course at 1871 called The Starter League which is just awesome. It's everything I'd hoped programming would be in college.

Being someone with many ideas but lacking a way to put them into practice, I am hoping that this course will be rocket-fuel for me, giving me the confidence I need to take a web startup to the next level. I want to be that MBA who understands finance, marketing, strategy, but also has an eye for design, and can code. I think that would be a powerful combination in a startup.

My passions? Other than entrepreneurship, I love food, restaurants, travel. I spent a year and a half living in Hong Kong, eating ridiculous food and loved every minute of it. Whatever business I am involved in will definitely be launched internationally.


Reason here:   Build a company

I am interested in NUvention Web

I am interested in pursuing a startup While in school


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