Josh Jacobson

Josh Jacobson

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I'm a passionate, creative junior at Northwestern studying Computer Engineering and Jazz Studies. I've been playing piano since I was five, and my musical pursuits have always had a major influence on every other part of my life, especially my approach to problem solving.

Software engineering and business development are necessarily whole-brain endeavors, and my artistic background, along with strong technical skills, allows me to bring a unique perspective to the table.

I've worked in C++, Java, Javascript, HTML/CSS, and PHP, among other languages, and I also dabble in graphic design. I really enjoy coding, but what I love most is the creative process of developing an idea into a successful product, working on the big-picture level and bringing together all of the moving parts of a project.


Reason here:   Just learn the process

I am interested in NUvention Web

I am interested in pursuing a startup After school


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