Meng Qiu

Meng Qiu

  Sung Won Khan Lee

Current Company     Teebox 

                      Role     Designer


Describe yourself

I like to think of myself as someone who is capable but also has wacky ideas. Now I say say that because I think I like to think outside the box; I fully expect my idea to be the next big shocker on a world scale. I've done lots of thinking about my idea and have considered pros and cons of strategies to take to grow the business for years now. I had this particular idea junior year in high school and now that I'm a freshman here at NU with access to programs like this I feel I'm finally in an atmosphere capable of helping me succeed. If you add me to this function you're adding a wildcard that could spice up the competition.

An example of a project I designed was a public transit system that allowed riders to get picked up wherever through an algorithm that systematically created the shortest route(with the minimum number of left turns) to pick up riders over a time interval. I worked with 3 fellow students and distributed data gathering, presentation preparation, design, and public awareness responsiblities between us and succeeded in creating a system that both won 3rd place at WSU's Imagine Tomorrow Competition and judges' recommendation of bringing the system to their local public transit system.

I also keep up to date on current start-up company business models and growth with magazines such as Bloomberg Businessweek, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, and Forbes.


Reason here:   Build a company

I am interested in NUvention Web

I am interested in pursuing a startup While in school


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