Oh What If! 

Oh What If!

  Abhishek Gutgutia
  Rajiv Murali
  Chia-Chen Su


Describe of the value proposition 
Millions of people around the world generate ideas - from the simple to the wild - every day and every second in response to practical problems or insights. However, most of these ideas die the moment they are born if not the same day, because they did not get the inspiration or support to pursue their ideas; or they could not find anyone to take their ideas forward. Imagine how much is lost in this process! What if (oh the irony) there was a platform where people could share their ideas with the whole world to get support/validation/inspiration for it, or inspire someone to pursue it. Wouldn't that be amazing? With millions of people participating, public demand for solutions and problem areas would emerge, which would inspire individuals/groups/organizations to take the idea forward and make it a reality.

What: Create a versatile and robust online platform for people to share innovative ideas, seek feedback and build solutions to practical problems. The proposed website is www.ohwhatif.com

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