Rishi Khakhkhar

Rishi Khakhkhar


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My name is Rishi Khakhkhar and I'm a third-year undergraduate student. I am in the Honors Program in Medical Education, so I am graduating after this year to attend Feinberg School of Medicine. I started becoming passionate about entrepreneurship last winter. After taking the Intro to Entrepreneurship and Engineering Entrepreneurship classes, I decided to intern for an early-stage company called Human Practice over the summer. The experience was the best education I've received in college. I got to work directly for the cofounders of the company, have input on major strategy, and help the product iterate through rounds of user testing. My main role was to do data analysis on current doctor reviews/ratings sites. I have a strong background in math, can work with financial projections, love working face-to-face with users, and have a basic grounding in statistics.


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I am interested in pursuing a startup After school


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