Sameer Anwar

Sameer Anwar


Current Company     Shine 

                      Role     Business Person


Describe yourself

I am a first year Kellogg Student (2Y Program) and am interested in all things that spread smiles.

"Entrepreneurs are those who can persevere and endure to bring their passion to life" - My grandfather was a man who built his business after his entire family and property were uprooted twice in his lifetime, during the South Asian partition. He taught me that to find a genuine problem and help solve that problem and continuously improve on that solution is the key to success. With Q-laborate, I want to do just that.

I grew up in Abu dhabi in the UAE and later moved to Toronto, Canada. During my study abroad year at the London School of Economics, I founded my first startup- This business was a student exchange site that allowed students to sell products to new students, providing storage between semesters.

I graduated from Georgetown in 2009, and turned down several bulge-bracket investment banking offers to work at KPMG Corporate Finance- a middle market investment bank where I worked directly with entrepreneurs and family businesses. The passion and emotions that accompanied any transaction I worked on continued to encourage me to pursue my own passion as an entrepreneur.

Skills: Business Undergraduate, Chartered Accountant, Prior experience working on a startup in the UK and in Canada, Global Perspective- Completed my undergraduated from 3 different universities in 3 different continents


Reason here:   Build a company

I am interested in NUvention Web

I am interested in pursuing a startup While in school


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