So you want to be an entrepreneur? That's awesome! The Startup Incinerator is here to help you build your team and teach you many of the skills you'll need to get funding and interest in your fledgling company: skills like developing a business model, doing user research, building MVP's, pitching effectively, and more!

Over the course of 52 hours you will build and launch a product, adding members to your team after every round of judging. Losing teams will have to reintegrate into somebody else's winning idea or else pivot and attempt re-entry in a wildcard round. By the end of the competition, not only will you have a great team and a killer idea, but you will have the opportunity to pitch in front of investors! And did we mention that the winner gets a $10,000 certificate for legal consultation?

We're also piloting a film program and a social media voting system, in which you'll have to garner votes in order to bolster your score each round so all your friends will get to see some of the cool work you're doing. We'll be creating a documentary based on the event and trying to distribute that through multiple channels. Who knows, your company could go viral!

If you would like to compete, please create a profile and indicate whether you are interested in NUvention: Web or whether you would like to participate in the Incinerator unaffiliated. There will be two separate brackets for NUvention participants and non-NUvention participants. You must be signed up for either bracket by October 5th if you would like to participate.

All you need is an idea for a problem you want to solve and a set of skills. Don't have an idea? Try looking at some of the biggest problems out there today and think about how you might solve them. We just want to see your critical thinking at work and see what skills and experience you have to offer. 

Also, we're capping our participation at 100 competitors. This means that we may have to pick and choose who gets to join. In order to solve this problem, we're turning to your social media circles to vet you into the competition. Starting October 5th, a social media blitz will begin in which you must rally as many votes as possible. On October 9th at midnight we will close voting, and those with the most votes will gain entry to the weekend Incinerator.

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