Maria Reinoso
  Javier Alegria Motte


Describe of the value proposition 
There are millions of people fighting poverty around the world. Many small and micro entrepreneurs depend on their businesses to feed their families, and most of them do not have an adequate access to the traditional financial system. The problem is not new. Others have tried to solve this problem by allowing people to lend money via the internet to people in developing countries. However, they have failed to scale the solution because their business models lack the adequate incentives for lenders and borrowers.

That is were comes in. Its business model will acknowledge not only the needs of small and micro entrepreneurs for capital, but also the value of the lenders' money in time. The idea is to implement an internet platform that allows people to give loans to small and micro entrepreneurs in developing countries at an interest rate. This way, lenders will be able to help people while making a competitive profit at the same time. The loans will be channelled through microfinance partners to leverage on their market knowledge and credit assessment capabilities. These partners will be able to access cheap founding to facilitate the loans to the entrepreneurs. On the other hand, the entrepreneurs that will be benefited with the loans will have the adequate incentives to repay in a timely manner.

The business hypothesis is that by aligning the incentives of all the parties involved in the process, we will be able to quickly scale the solution to have a significant positive impact in society.

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