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License Buddy

  Chia-Chen Su
  Maria Reinoso
  Jeremy O'Briant
  Pochara Arayakarnkul


Describe of the value proposition 
Licensed professionals (CPA's, Lawyers, Nurses, etc.) are required to complete annual continuing education coursework (typically 20-40 hours). The detailed requirements vary by each state and are very complicated to navigate. Keeping track of credits and ensuring compliance is even more confusing and is a major pain point for licensed professionals.

License Buddy provides a comprehensive solution for licensees to better understand their individual requirements, track progress, and identify courses that will meet their specific needs. We will become the 'Tripit for licensed professionals' and ultimately disrupt the multi-billion dollar continuing professional education industry.

US market size:
The 2.9 million nurses, 1.1 million lawyers, 1 million CPAs, and millions of other professional license holders that spend over $55 billion on continuing education each year.

Revenue sources:
Referral fees from course providers, fees from firms for managing workforce compliance, targeted advertising, and freemium features.

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