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Describe of the value proposition 
The ugly truth is that millions of people don’t stick to diets or regular exercise routines. They start and stop for years and support a $40+ billion industry. People who are successful tend to do two important things – 1) Reprogram their habits (many different ways) and 2) Get support from the right people (i.e. friends, trainer-nutritionists). Habit reprogramming techniques and interaction with trainers/nutritionists can be enhanced through smartphones.

SnapChange aims to help people make lasting lifestyle changes by using proven habit reprogramming techniques and by making the interaction with trainer-nutritionists more efficient (lower cost AND more effective). People pretty much always have their phones on/near them and we will interact with our users through the phone in a way that feels more human and requires minimal effort. The info we gather from users will help us customize their habit-change program and will be analyzed by trainer-nutritionists (in-house or the user’s).

I love this business concept because a) it will be transferable to other desired behavior changes and b) there are multiple ways to monetize (vote for me to find out more…). We will start with diet/exercise (huge market) then move into other forms of helping people “reprogram” themselves (examples: networking, mental therapy, etc.). Additionally, getting this business started will require an experimental process and focus on user needs and successes. The challenge is to choose the right behavior change techniques (many to choose from) and convert them into a great user interface and change program, not to create new technology. In short, this should be a fun business to set up that we can get going in a few months.

I've got one classmate interested in working on this and a faculty adviser with a specialty in behavioral psychology. Almost on board are a former trainer-nutritionist who wants to start up something in health/wellness and a former [successful] entrepreneur trying to get a PhD in using technology to change behavior.

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